In the picturesque landscapes of Devon is Chagford Primary School, catering to the vibrant community of Dartmoor. Nurturing young minds from ages 2 to 11, the school plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic foundation of generations. We were delighted to match Chagford Primary with Bowater Homes donation to SchoolOnline Mission.

Bowater Homes, the embodiment of a local success story, felt a compelling desire to give back to the very institution that had played a crucial role in the education of their children and grandchildren. Driven by a passion for supporting learning and empowering the youth, Bowater Homes was delighted to donate SchoolOnline to Chagford Primary.

Chagford School, known for being the heart of its community, has always sought to provide an enriching environment for its students. The addition of SchoolOnline aligns seamlessly with this. The sentiment is beautifully captured by Su Bowater, who expressed her excitement, stating, “Chagford School has always been at the heart of our community, and we’re excited to be able to boost the next generation of students by using SchoolOnline.”

The impact of this generous donation extends far beyond the walls of the school. SchoolOnline Mission’s innovative tools, designed to elevate student attainment, provide Chagford Primary with a valuable resource to enhance the educational journey of its students. These online learning tools, coupled with the dedication of the school’s educators, create a powerful synergy aimed at nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to embrace the challenges of the future.