The Charlton Athletic Community Trust is widely regarded as the being at the forefront of community outreach programmes in the country.

In their own words “CACT empowers communities and changes lives by improving health, education and employment and reducing crime. Our work is more important than ever during this challenging time”.

Students in the Charlton area were given SchoolOnline licences through the SchoolOnline Mission initiative.

Teacher Hodan Yusuf was directly involved in supporting students through the work:

I think this programme was great and beneficial for children in many different ways, the children enjoyed the use of being able to work independently and with their friends, the videos were extremely popular and useful for the children as it was clear, simple and straight to the point.

Pilot Summary:

Students were part of a broad programme of activities delivered by CACT and students used SchoolOnline in their weekly tutoring sessions for 6 weeks.

24 students in Hawksmoor Hub agreed to participate, all Year 5 and Year 6 students.

  • Before the pilot, all students sat pre-trial papers in both Maths and English – results were not shared with the students.
  • Students then attended 6 weeks of in centre tutoring, using SchoolOnline to revise English & Maths for 30 mins each.
  • Students were also given an equivalent 30+30 mins of optional homework each week.
  • After 6 weeks of tutoring, students sat post-trial papers (same paper for Maths, new paper for English)


  • The improvement shown in the students’ Maths scores was outstanding with an overall cohort improvement of 48.1%.
  • The average pre-trial score was 50.2% and the average post-trial score was 74.3%.