In the heart of Wandsworth, London, lies Franciscan Primary School, who cater for a diverse community of children, including refugees and those from deprived backgrounds. The school’s commitment to providing a nurturing environment for all students has received a significant boost from Haines Watts through SchoolOnline Mission. Through their donation, Haines Watts has not only granted free access to SchoolOnline resources but has also extended their support in various impactful ways.

At the core of this donation is Haines Watts’ generosity in providing Franciscan Primary School with complimentary access to SchoolOnline resources. SchoolOnline, an educational platform dedicated to fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences, has become an invaluable tool for both teachers and students at Franciscan Primary School. This gesture from Haines Watts ensures that children, irrespective of their background, have equal opportunities to access high-quality educational materials, thereby empowering them to reach their full potential.

Understanding the pivotal role that literacy plays in a child’s development, Haines Watts has taken their commitment a step further by arranging reading coaching sessions for the students at Franciscan Primary School. The company’s staff actively participates in these sessions, providing personalised attention to enhance the children’s reading skills. This not only contributes to academic success but also fosters a love for learning that transcends the classroom.

In addition to reading coaching, Haines Watts has organised coaching mornings, where professionals from their team engage with the students in various activities. These sessions not only broaden the children’s horizons by introducing them to different career paths but also serve as inspirational moments, showcasing the possibilities that education can unlock.

Beyond academic support, Haines Watts recognises the importance of a conducive and uplifting environment for effective learning. On a recent charity day, the company’s employees rolled up their sleeves and dedicated their time and effort to repaint the school’s dining hall. This not only breathed new life into the space but also sent a powerful message to the students—that their learning environment is valued and deserving of investment.

The partnership between Haines Watts and Franciscan Primary School stands as a testament to the transformative power of corporate engagement in education. By going beyond financial contributions and actively participating in the school’s journey, Haines Watts exemplifies the potential for businesses to make a lasting impact on communities and contribute to a brighter future for the next generation through SchoolOnline Mission. As the collaboration continues to flourish, the ripple effect of this partnership is felt not only in the classrooms of Franciscan Primary School but in the hearts and minds of the students who are now empowered to dream big and reach for the stars.