What is our Mission?

We want to increase educational achievements to drive social mobility.  More than 40% of students fail either English or Maths GCSE, limiting their life chances.  We can help them!

Our award-winning online learning tools are proven to lift student attainment by up to 100%.  They provide access to expert tutors, custom assignments, and exam paper practice.  And we give hard-pressed teachers time back through prepared homework modules and auto-marking.

SchoolOnline Mission brings these learning tools to schools most in need absolutely for free.

How does it work?

We work directly with local businesses who share our passion for driving educational outcomes and social mobility.  We build a relationship between the business and school which gives the students access to SchoolOnline for free – including full training, ongoing support, and product upgrades.

And businesses that choose to can build a deeper relationship with the school by getting involved in careers talks, reading coaching, and charity days.

To join our mission and support your local school, or just to find out more, email us on info@schoolonlinemission.org.uk.